How to increase CFM on Air compressors

How to Increase CFM on Air Compressors?

If you need lots of knowledge about how to increase CFM on air compressor or how to make air compressor faster and you are searching for it for a better knowledge, Then you are now at the right place to get knowledge about how to increase CFM on an air compressor.
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How to Increase CFM on Air Compressor?

Air compressor really is very useful to use, and they can be used for a whole range of things. For instance, you can use them to paint your wall to pump up a tire or even to use a nail gun too.

I think you have seen that your air compressor has a CFM rating surely and the tools you are using also require a certain CFM level to operate. Different tools require different CFM ratings.

In how to increase CFM on air compressors sometimes you need to increased CFM. Two of a good example is when you use an air compressor for impact wrench and spray paint for your work.

So how to increase CFM on the air compressor? Don’t be worry about, I am here to answer this question for you and also I will guide you step by step for it.

What Does CFM Mean?

CFM is an acronym for Cubic Feet per Minute the measure of air volume or pressure moved by the fan furnace. Mainly CFM is a short form of Cubic Feet Per Minute.
Mainly it is a very important term for an air compressor. In a simple term, CFM is the flow rate of the volume of air that comes out of an air compressor in how to increase CFM on a air compressor.

IF a compressor has a rating of 8 CFM then this means 8 cubic feet of air will depart or come out in like 1 minute, from that compressor.

Why it is Important?

This is a very important factor in how to increase CFM on the air compressor or your compressor. And without it, it wouldn’t really work at all. This is because there would be no air going into the compressor so it wouldn’t be able to generate any air pressure for any kind of your tools to be able to work on how to increase CFM on an air compressor.

You should never think that this aspect is not important because when you are deciding what air compressor you need to purchase so this is definitely a feature that you should be looking and also need to check as best as you can.

Cause If an air compressor has a higher CFM, It means that it can generate more extra air for your tools and this means that if you need the big job completed, Then it’s best to get on that a higher CFM in How to increase CFM on air compressors.

How to Increase CFM On Air Compressor?

If you want to increase the CFM in how to increase CFM on air compressor then you will have to probably purchase another air compressor and hook them together or something similar. This is because if you want it to increase more than the maximum capacity that it is able to do as well; you will need additional help from a different machine.

There is 1 negative point about using the method for how to increase CFM on air compressors, and that’s the fact that it may take longer to fill both of the tanks with air. Cause of this it is likely to overheat and may even lead to other maintenance issues that are it.

Not only this, but it could also make the tool you are using not work properly on how to increase CFM on air compressors. This is something you won’t want to happen in this if you’re in the middle of a job.

There is another way that you are able to increase the CFM of the air compressor though and you can do this by allowing the air compressor more time. So it is able to keep up the tank pressure for how to increase CFM on air compressors.

The way is you can do this by simply dialing down the regulator, so it’s at the lowest setting in which the tools are able to operate it. It means this will the air compressor will be able to run for a much longer time and your tool will be able to work just as good as can.

If you can find that the tools are working perfectly then you may even to able to dial it down even more. So it is able to operate on the lowest pressure possible.

This way actually has some great benefits for the air compressor itself as it will prolong its life and it will give the compressor more time for it to get filled back up with air while it’s being used in how to increase CFM on the air compressor.

Decreasing the Pressure to Increase CFM

A compressor first needs to take air inside and then it builds pressure in the tank. This pressure will help the air to go out at a certain rate which we are referring to as CFM. Every air compressor has a certain power level. This power depends on the pressure and CFM.

Simple mathematically speaking power = pressure x volume/Time. Here volume or time is CFM. To keep this constant power, if you increased the CFM you have to lower down the pressure in How to increase CFM in an air compressor.

However, you cannot operate an air compressor beyond its power limit so can if you build or grow less pressure in the tank then the CFM of your compressor will increase fast. So if you need to do then you need to dial down the regulator. When you will dial the regulator down and air flows into the tank slowly and builds or grows a lower pressure then allows you to have a higher CFM.

An example of how to increase CFM on an air compressor is will clear this out for you and your better knowledge. Let’s say you have a compressor with a rating of 5 CFM at 90 PSI, what does this mean is if the pressure reaches to 90 PSI then the compressor will provide an air output volume of CFM.

Now when you decrease the pressure from 90 PSI there will be an air output of more than 5 CFM so this is one way to increase CFM on how to increase CFM on air compressors.

If you will follow this method then you can only a certain limit. But this safe for your compressor and won’t be damaged the compressor anyhow.

Connecting Two Compressors to Increase CFM

connecting two compressor to increase CFM

The previous method doesn’t be able to provide CFM higher than the maximum limit of your compressor. If your compressor has a maximum limit of 5 CFM but you need more than that for an increase?

In this case, there is another method that you can follow for a better experience. Here you will be connecting two compressors for more CFM. How does this work? Well said let’s see.

If you connect two air compressors having 5 CFM and 3 CFM then you can get 8 CFM in one time at once.

So how can you connect two air compressor it’s very simple in how to increase CFM on air compressors, you need to just follow carefully all the steps.

  • Take two compressors and connect the tank of both compressors with two different hoses.
  • Then take another hose, and connect the two hose with the third one.
  • The third hose should have three holes so that two of the holes can be used as inputs and the third hole can be used as an output.
  • Now connect the output of the third hose with your tool and you are done.

you can use this method if you need a higher CFM than your basic or simple air compressor can provide. But there is a thing or topic that must keep in mind to be safe.

If you already have two compressors inside the topic of how to increase CFM on air compressors and also you need a higher CFM, then you can connect them. But what if you haven’t the two air compressors? Will you buy another 1 with a low CFM and connect them?

It depends on what types of works you will do with your compressor. If you only do works that require high CFM then it is better that you need to buy a high CFM air compressor. But if you have to do works with low CFM then having two compressors is a great idea.

FAQ Related to CFM of an Air Compressors

If you have a question that is how do I know this what CFM in my air compressor is?
Yeah, you have the right question on this topic of how to increase CFM on the air compressors. Now let’s explain it.

When you buy an air compressor the CFM should be written in the manual. But if you forget the CFM level and lose the manual for some reason, here is a practical way to calculate CFM.

  1. First, find the volume of the tank in gallons.
  2. Divide the Volume by 7.48 and you will get the volume (V) in a cubic foot (1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons).
  3. Now empty the tank and refill again.
  4. While refilling start noting the time shown in the gauge. It is shown as PSI (pounds per square inch)
  5. Here take the time of kick in and kick out of the compressor and calculate the difference (i.e. if kick in time is 70 PSI and kick out time is 90 PSI, then the difference is 20 PSI).
  6. Now divide this value by 14.7 and you will have pressure (P) in ATM.
  7. Now simply multiply P with V and divide by 60 to get CFM (CFM = P*V/60)

How much CFM do I need for air tools?

In the topic of how to increase CFM on air compressors you need to follow that, different air tools require different levels of CFM to operate like, a general ½ impact wrench requires about 5 CFM to operate or manage in.

on the other hand, a framing mailer requires 2.2 CFM whereas tools like a pneumatic stapler require only 0.3 CFM to run or process also you can say for the start.

What is a good CFM for an air compressor?

For an air compressor, 4 CFM at 100 PSI is a good rating on how to increase CFM on air compressors. But in this, there are a lot of different types and kinds of air compressors and they have different CFM ratings according to their application.

Low powered air compressor generally provides a maximum of 0.5 CFM and high powered ones can provide 8 to 10 CFM.

What’s the difference between CFM and SCFM?

In your topic of searches on how to increase CFM on air compressors, CFM or cubic feet per minute indicates the volume of air compressor that is flowing out of an air compressor.

It shows how much cubic feet of air is blowing out in a minute in exact time. But there is not any standard pressure of temperatures set for CFM in how to increase CFM on air compressors.

However, for SCFM pr standard cubic feet per minute, there is a standard pressure and temperature set. Based on that standard, SCFM is measured and so it can vary from place to place.

What is the difference between PSI and CFM?

CFM or cubic feet per minute is a unit that shows how much air is flowing out per minute. This is used to measure the volume on the topic of how to increase CFM on air compressors. PSI stands for pounds per square inch which indicates the pressure level of an air compressor.


My final advice for you would be to match the CFM rating your tool and get compressor accordingly so that you don’t have to go through the troubles of increasing the CFM on how to increase CFM on air compressors.

But if you need to do increase your air compressor then just follow my guide steps and methods that surely come handy for you. I think hopefully you will no longer have any doubt about how to increase CFM on air compressor from now on.

also if you searching for How to use an air compressor and How does a refrigerator compressor work then you can also get knowledge by click and visit this link.

And thanks for your valuable time spend on my content about how to increase CFM on air compressors.

I think this will help you to increase your CFM and also you have now lots of knowledge about how to increase CFM on air compressors. If this is helpful for you then we will also happy to help you with this. Share your comments and feelings about it.

Thank you.

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